AMI Solution



GALONMETER offers fully implemented, comprehensive remote meter-reading solutions for fixed base systems, allowing utilities and water corporations to automatically control remote water meters in real time.
Based on GALONMETER’s innovative AMR/AMI (automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure) Hidrometer control system, its fixed network solution offers diverse options for automated data collection.

Key benefits:
Proven success in reducing non-revenue water significantly
Already installed in hundreds of utilities
Real-time information availability
Highly accurate and reliable data collection
Many kinds of real-time alerts
Integrates with most billing systems
Wide variety of features for reports and statistical analysis

GALONMETER’s solutions combine extensive experience and advanced wireless abilities with powerful Meter Data Management software tools. The advanced system requires no physical access or visual inspection of meters and provides alerts in real time on problems such as water loss or pipe breakage.

The system consists of the following components:
Wireless transmitting meters
Data collection alignment
Meter Data Management software package

A large number of utilities and municipalities around the world are already using GALONMETER’s all-inclusive solution for unnecessary loss of water, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.