Factory Information

GALONMETER is one of the leading water meter manufacturers in China established in 1998 year, belonged to local Municipal Electric Power Bureau. Based over 20 years of industrial experience and as one OEM factory, we produce high quality water meters and strictly conform to GB/T778-2007 and ISO 4064, our products involve all types of water metering solution such as domestic water meter, industrial water meter, commercial water meter and irrigation water meter.


GALONMETER has complete quality control and calibration systems, and with the capacity to produce 90000 pcs of water meters per month ranged from 15mm to 600mm, including single jet water meter, multi-jet water meter, woltman water meter, bulk meter, volumetric water meter, combination water meter, electomagnetic flowmeter. 90% of our water flowmeters are exported to different countries all over the world, as an international and a acknowledged company in the world, we're dedicated to the water sectors, helping utilities operate more efficiently and conserve valuable resources.


galonmeter factory


GALONMETER is certified with ISO9001: 2000 Quality System Certification and also passed CE certificate for water meters. We also provide AMR solution that covered Lora and NB-lot wireless remote reading ,M-Bus/RS485 protocol reading and pulse output data logger. Developed with the vision of “effective measurement of water “, we provide value added consumable meters and services in global water resource protection. You're welcome to visit us and join GALONMETER!